“Cal and Christian are a joy to work with. They bring a level of skill and expertise to restoration projects that comes only with years of experience.  Major restoration work is neither cheap, nor is it fast, but with the work that they do comes a quality that will endure for years. They understand that while our ambitions for our homes are expansive, our budgets frequently are not.  They’ll work with you in order to prioritize a work plan that will get your house to a point where it’s livable, with enough nice touches so that you’re not going to fixate on that project you may not have been able to afford in the first round of renovations.” – Mac, Indian Village

“Maxwell Construction is more than just a contractor; Cal and Christian have become our family. For two years, they worked with us on a full rehab of our historic home in West Village. For 18 months of the project, my wife and I lived in one room of the house — with dogs and cats — and still we welcomed them through the door every morning. They are focused on high quality at a fair price, and their customer service is incomparable. The best decision we made, after buying our home in Detroit, was hiring Cal and Christian.” – Karl, West Village

“Hiring Maxwell Construction was the best decision we made when we decided to renovate our Mies Van Der Rohe-designed townhouse. Cal and Christian worked with us to stay within our budget and then devoted themselves to transforming our home. They paid attention to details that never occurred us and took steps like beautifully restoring vintage mid-century features that others would have pushed to replace. Hiring Maxwell gave us peace of mind and the knowledge that everything would be done with impeccable care and quality.” – Erin, Lafayette Park

“We came to Cal and Christian with an idea and a battered canvas of a house in Boston Edison. Despite it being in the depths of the Polar Vortex, Cal did a thorough inspection of the exterior and then walked us through each room while listening carefully to our ideas. He guided us away from ideas outside of our tight budget and pointed out possibilities we had not even imagined. Ultimately this project did not come to fruition, but when we find the right house, we won’t call anyone but Maxwell Construction.” Amilea, Los Angeles