Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 7.23.55 PMHISTORIC HOMES: Let us rebuild the city together. 

Detroit is a city filled with homes of historic significance. From the quaint worker’s cottages of Corktown to the Tudor mansions of Indian Village to the stately homes of Boston-Edison, these properties need specialized care in their preservation. Years of deferred maintenance, benign neglect, or being left vacant and open to the elements has severely compromised their exterior surfaces and interior finishes. Where other contractors might see a teardown, we see what once was and could be again. Our skilled craftsmen are experienced in complex renovation projects and can bring new life to the most dilapidated and forlorn of buildings. Through it all, we endeavor to preserve what makes Detroit such an architecturally rich and historical city.

IMG_4490In addition to renovating whole houses, Maxwell Construction honors and faithfully reproduces those architectural features that have been damaged, lost or even removed. Whether replicating eaves, refurbishing original corbels, or accurately reproducing a staircase or mantel, our craftsmen are able to conceive, produce, repair and install whatever is needed. Preserving a home’s true heritage involves everything from removing 20-year-old “improvements,” to repairing an entry door that has been broken in two or has rotted, or replacing moulding and trim that were lost due to fire or water damage. This work is different in kind from new construction and requires more than a trip to the local hardware store or mill shop. An historic home worthy of the detailed and painstaking restoration process may include:

  • Wood shake, slate or standing seam metal roofs
  • Copper flashings
  • Plaster walls, medallions and moldings
  • Entry and interior doors
  • Hand-crafted wainscot walls and stairways
  • Leaded windows and doors
  • Stone fireplaces, doorways, headers and coins
  • Brick and limestone fascias and features

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 7.37.57 PMRENOVATIONS: Upgrade your home while preserving its historic character.

We have an established a reputation for high quality renovation work on one-of-a-kind houses in Detroit’s historic neighborhoods. Many projects began with structures judged by others to be “too far gone” or just not worth saving. But from these long neglected and rejected structures have come some of the finest homes in the area. Houses are lifted from defective foundations and made upright, framing repaired, and modern systems installed. Masonry chimneys are rebuilt, ironwork repaired, plaster replaced and narrow gauge oak floors resurfaced. Mechanical services are renewed or replaced and air conditioning subtly integrated bringing contemporary livability to the historic home. Whenever possible, original materials and features such as moldings, millwork, doors and mantels are carefully repaired and preserved. When beyond repair or missing, exact duplicates are produced and installed. Our attention to detail coupled with our ability to produce historically accurate finishes has resulted in numerous referrals from the Detroit Historical District Commission. When completed, the renovated home is not only energy efficient and virtually maintenance free, but creates an agreeable lifestyle.

CONSULTING: Let us guide your project. 

Maxwell Construction’s expertise in renovation and restoration of properties in Detroit’s historic neighborhoods puts us in a unique position us to consult with a wide range of investors, prospective home buyers and existing home owners. We can assist you regardless of whether you are evaluating the feasibility of a project or seeking assistance navigating the permitting and approvals processes. We can help you understand the source of damage or the scope of repairs that may be required whether you are fixing a collapsing foundation wall, sagging floors, or leaning walls. Just some of our services include:

  • Initial home evaluation
  • Project feasibility
  • Structural assessment
  • Commission reviews, presentations and approvals
  • Permitting

COMMERCIAL: We can make your business dreams happen, too.

Renovating or repurposing unused or abandoned retail or office space